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I'm the founder, programmer and DJ of Sleep Radio. We broadcast from Te Aroha in New Zealand. I started this internet radio station up after going through what was probably the worst period in my health, ever! In 2012 I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety which was bought on by so many factors I think I could fill a truck with them. One of the many symptoms of depression is insomnia, or sleeplessness. I tried many ways of overcoming this and the "zombie-like" days that I suffered the day after but nothing seemed to help. Then I stumbled across the miracle of specialised internet radio stations, especially those that featured relaxation music. There was just one big problem.

Most of the stations I listened to included in their playlists all sorts of bizarre music and other weird stuff that I'm sure was quite subliminal. I'd often wake in the middle of the night with very frightening nightmares - brought on I'm sure by the strange music coming through my earbud while I lay sleeping. On top of that was the annoying adverts and station announcements that were VERY distracting.

So I decided to take on this project. I already had web development skills as well as audio engineering as a former projectionist in the movie industry and as a mobile DJ. This station and helping others get to sleep has become my passion through playing neutral and specially selected music that won't infect people's brains or influence thoughts. Hence, SLEEP RADIO. We broadcast an uninterrupted, crystal clear, digital stereo stream at 96k per second with no advertising (apart from our annual funding appeal), no station IDs and no announcers. You just get pure, ambient music 24/7. The best way to listen to us is to download our FREE app for smartphone or tablet which also features our playlist, artist details and on-demand content like our informative monthly podcast. It also comes with a really cool sleep timer. You can also find a link on our "Listen Online" link above that works for you and listen in to us that way. Some of you will just play us through speakers but if the person sleeping beside you isn't keen on that, some inexpensive ear buds will do the trick although if you're like me and you sleep on your side, you'll be listening in only one ear. Hopefully listening to us will be of help to you. Please contact us if that's been the case. We love getting feedback and good news stories.

  • Жанр: ambient
  • Страна (Город) : Нидерланды
  • E-mail: sleepradio@watsons.co.nz
  • Официальный сайт: ru.sleepradio.co.nz
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